If you work with machines all the time, you know how important it is to see profits coming into the account as soon as possible. Purchases in installments or on credit take longer to fall, as they are deposited after the payment of installments. Strengthen the cash flow of your business and see how to anticipate credit for sales on small machines.

Why anticipate credit for sales on machines?

Why anticipate credit for sales on machines?

Selling in installments is an advantage for the customer, making him loyal in his business. But this option is not always good for the merchant, who cannot wait to have the profit on sales. By anticipating receivables, it is possible to have payment for credit card sales, sometimes even on the same day of sale.

This feature offers more convenience for your business to go further. But beware, as each financial institution has different methods for performing the procedure, which may include an early interest rate. Inquire with your machine operator and stay on top of the entire process.

Which machines allow the anticipation of receivables?

Which machines allow the anticipation of receivables?

Before you go around asking for cash advance, you need to evaluate how much you need and for what time. It is possible to determine the amount and a date for the amount to fall into the account, so have a good financial plan so that nothing gets out of control.

There are several companies that are adhering to the anticipation of sales credit on their machines and, in this article, we selected the three most popular in the market, know:

Hankie Machines

Hankie machines are featured in the business and this is no wonder. There are several options, plans, and conditions to know and request that best fit your business. The company makes the anticipation of sales credit available in an uncomplicated way.

There are two types of prepayment offered by Hankie, in cash or installment sales of Visa, MasterCard, Elo or Diners cards.

Scheduled Anticipation : You schedule a date when you want to receive the anticipated sales profit.

Single Anticipation : When you need the advance just ask until 14h, to receive the money on the same day. After this time, you receive the next day.

If you do not have the machine and want to request, just visit our site.

Network Machines

Keep your cash up to date or enjoy the money to invest in your business. Rede machines offer the anticipation of receivables within 2 days, without charge! Sales made on demand credit fall into your Duobank account and you choose how much and when you want to receive.

If you are a Network customer and want to receive your money as soon as possible, click here. But it is worth paying attention, because the Network charges an advance fee. It varies according to the delivery deadline for package sales. The longer the term, the higher the rate.

If you are not a customer of the Network and want to request the machine, just click here.

Machines Fermunde

With Fermunde machines you receive up to 1 day the advance of the credit of your sales. Whether in cash or 12x installment credit, the total amount falls to your account the next day.

If you were interested in the machine and want to request yours, click here.

If you have other machine options, contact their service center and check availability for advance sales. Remember to ask if there are fees for this procedure.