Fraudulent loans: do not fall into the trap!

The news fell this morning to news: the ALE (Local Employment Agency) of the city of Mons, located in the province of Hainaut, allegedly granted illegal loans to its employees. We are talking about € 30,000 in total loaned in 2015 at a rate of 4%.

The 10 loans granted by the FTA to its staff ranging between 600 and 13,000 €, this practice surfaced during a board of directors held in 2015, which led to the prohibition of these fraudulent loans. However, this ban was not respected since a December 2015 loan resurfaced at a board meeting in mid-2016.

What does this news tell us?


The FTA is an association specialized in socio-professional reintegration. It is not entitled to grant loans, let alone to its employees. Indeed, only certified credit institutions have the right to credit their customers. This is not just an ethical problem but a legal issue.

Claims or difficulties


In fact, from the point of view of the employee receiving a loan from the FTA, the credit agreements signed by both parties are void because they are issued by a non-credit institution. For all claims or difficulties in repaying the loan, the employees would not have had the means to defend themselves except for the possibility of attacking the FTA in court.

How to avoid fraudulent loans?


To avoid credit scams, first avoid sites that have no quality label and do not specify being certified credit institute. If your credit history is bad, and yet you are offered credit at a very high amount and interest, you also need to worry.

We therefore advise you to compare the offers on the market using our comparison tool in order to benefit from the best offers issued by certified establishments. And most importantly, remember that any loan or credit offered by an individual is a scam!

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