Loan estimate: 5 questions to recognize the serious one.

Learning to distinguish which services guarantee the ability to request a secure loan is particularly important. On the market there are so many offers of easy financing, even in remedy of particular situations like a loan refused. We then clarify the aspects that should be taken into account when selecting a serious company, which allows us to obtain a reliable loan estimate, on legality conditions and without unpleasant […]

How to anticipate the credit of sales on machines?

If you work with machines all the time, you know how important it is to see profits coming into the account as soon as possible. Purchases in installments or on credit take longer to fall, as they are deposited after the payment of installments. Strengthen the cash flow of your business and see how to anticipate credit for sales on […]

Fraudulent loans: do not fall into the trap!

The news fell this morning to news: the ALE (Local Employment Agency) of the city of Mons, located in the province of Hainaut, allegedly granted illegal loans to its employees. We are talking about € 30,000 in total loaned in 2015 at a rate of 4%. The 10 loans granted by the FTA to its staff ranging between 600 and […]

Consider a Home Loan

Services to help get out of debt are becoming very common these days. There are companies that offer debt consolidation which basically means that they will pay for all debts from credit cards, banks, etc. This helps you because interest rates get lower since all you have to pay is the individual company. Years to pay a Home loan  Standard […]

Reasons to Consider a Home Loan

There are many more purposes to using the loans. In the UK, there are loan plans that meet and satisfy all your personal and professional needs. The possibilities with these types of finances are unlimited. In addition to these types of finances, you can also make use of an unsecured bad credit personal loan. With these types of finances, it […]

What is a mortgage loan restructuring?

Mortgage restructuring most often implies a reduction in monthly payments due to an increase in the term of the loan. Such a process is possible if the client’s financial situation deteriorates due to job loss or other circumstances. Restructuring a mortgage loan is not much different from a similar procedure for consumer lending. It should be borne in mind that […]

Installment loans: Sale of the Fifth Best Offer 2018

You are in the right place, for us at this is the main objective, for more than 15 years we have been working in the financial market as credit brokers, regularly registered with the register and how you can also verify yourself in the OAM lists published on the relative website . You will be able to repay the installments […]

What is a mortgage loan

Usually, when they say “housing loan” and “mortgage”, they mean the same thing. And sometimes these concepts are generally combined into one – “mortgage loan”. In most cases, they are truly synonymous. Mortgage loan This is especially observed in everyday practice among the numerous operations of banks with customers. Both bank employees and borrowers in conversation and sometimes even in […]